Welcome to Outlandish Tidings!

Join me to discuss fantasy worlds and intriguing tales! I'm still building this missive, so it may be erratic at first, but I eventually plan to send out monthly apprisals with tidings of my own writings, occasional free stories, tales of my fellow authors, and news of interest.

As a thank you for signing up, I will be happy to send you a free copy of "Fly," the complete prologue of my upcoming novel Raven Thrall, Book 1 in the Legends of the Ceo San.

Feel free to send me a missive if you like to questions@jelizabethvincent.com.

*After you fill out the form, you should receive a confirmation email. Please check your spam folder if you don't and add janell@jelizabethvincent.com and questions@jelizabethvincent.com to your contacts list to prevent it from happening again. Thanks!
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